This Infinity symbol key fob has been crafted from pure Argentium Silver.

It makes a beautiful gift for 25th wedding anniversaries for your husband or wife. Much like the love that has inspired this design, the silver molecules actually fuse together to form an unbreakable bond in the infinity symbol.

This solid silver Argentium key fob has been designed around the unique properties of Argentium silver. Unlike other alloys, Argentium has more silver than sterling silver and can fuse its molecules together.

The infinity symbol in Argentium - a perfect analogy for for celebrating enduring anniversaries in style.

The keyring is packaged in a smart, heart wrapper, wrapped in tissue paper with a hand written postcard from Victoria. The fob is just under the required weight for hallmarking (which is 7.78 grams for Silver), so they bear Victoria's sponsor's mark and the .925 sterling silver mark.

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