Hello, welcome aboard The English Shipmate. Founded in 2013 to make personalised accessories from a tiny studio near Bath.

Since launching The English Shipmate in 2013, I've made items for footmen at Buckingham Palace to the odd celebrity. But it's the everyday wonder of stamping 'I love you' which I never tire of. It's making things that matter between people for all those moments that define us. 

I'm Victoria, a former sailor, turned silversmith (still dreaming of owning a boat of my own). Everything you see here I've thought of, designed, made, photographed and cared about.

There are cheaper items, made in industrial quantities and 'finished' in the UK. You won't find them here as everything is made from scratch. There's an eye on supporting British business and keeping packaging as green I can. Supplies of copper, silver and Argentium silver are from Birmingham's jewellery quarter. My maker's mark has been issued from The Birmingham Assay Office, whose mark is an anchor! We are especially proud to have been commissioned by the RNLI. 

Peak flow - that thing that happens when you are 100% absorbed in what you're making - that' what I get from silversmithing and sailing. Both you need to pay absolute attention to; the here and now. But the added thrill is making things that matter between people, from my hand to yours. Because that's where the heart is, that's what it's all about and I care passionately about everything I make. 

Thank you for coming aboard - I hope to make something for you :-) 

Victoria Harwood

Silversmith & Sailor

I started out with being accepted by the curated site and Etsy, where I still sail the commercial seas, but this is my harbour.

All text, product design and images © 2013 Victoria Harwood. All rights reserved. All intellectual property rights are and will remain the property of Victoria Harwood trading as The English Shipmate.